OZZI is a revolutionary new system which eliminates traditional disposable take-out containers for all segments of the food service industry by utilizing enhanced technology. OZZI is designed for college and university campus dining centers as well as all facets of business and industry, health care, hotels, restaurants, food courts, supermarkets, quick service, sports and entertainment venues. Wherever food and beverages are served "to go" in paper, plastic and foam containers, OZZI is making a difference. It is a truly amazing system that is changing America from a disposable society into a nation that is devoted to more sustainable and ecologically minded reusable containers.

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Big black high-tech metal boxes, boldly marked with the striking OZZI logo, are popping up from coast to coast, standing ready to collect reusable containers conveniently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Environmentally conscious citizens are depositing their reusable take-out containers that came from food service operations concerned about the mounting costs of their to-go containers and the ever-increasing amount of disposable trash being put into landfills.

Factoid: The University of California is committed to "zero waste" by 2020. Its Merced Campus utilizes the OZZI system. Initial findings indicate the OZZI boxes on campus collected 150,000 reusable take-out food containers from students in a short period of time, which translates into 3.5 tons of waste diverted and an estimated cost savings of $34,500. This led to University of California at Merced winning a national award for its innovative waste reduction efforts.

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